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📌  Periodic training is for employers, administrators, managers and supervisors. Po przejściu szkolenia otrzymasz pełnowartościowe zaświadczenie!


📌 Periodic training program:

  1. Chosen regulations of labour law concerning health and safety at work, with discussions of the sources of international law, as well as
    • current regulation (including changes):
      • duties in the health and safety practices at work, and the responsibility in the event of any violation of HSW regulations and principles;
      • health and safety practices concerning the work of women an juvenies;
      • health-care provisions for employees;
      • training concerning health and safety at work;
      • organization of the supervision and control of working conditions.
    • problems with interpreting some provisions.
  2. Identification, analysis and assessment of hazards harmful to health, troublesome, dangerous and risk assessment associated with these threats.
  3. Organizational practices and ways of creating safe and hygienic working conditions, including monitoring, plu managing health and safety at work.
  4. Ascertaining the circumstances and reasons for work-place accidents and occupational diseases, as well as their prevention.
  5. Organization and methods of training for safe and hygienic working conditions (including ways of leading work-place briefings) and way of initating and maintaining safe behavior thinking in employees.
  6. The procedures that should be undertaken should an accident occur at work or which should be followed in emergency situations (fire) and first-aid practices in case of accidents.
  7. The economic consequences of inadequate working conditions (eg benefits due to working conditions, social security contributions for employees);
  8. Fire safety issues and environmental protection.